Crea Paisaje brings together the experience of the team of professionals in territorial development of Santa María la Real Foundation We are aware that 38% of the municipalities in Spain are at severe risk of depopulation, and we will not remain passive in the face of this.

We want to stop this trend; it is something we believe in, it is part of our values and we work for it day after day.

Thus we offer a strategic service for social innovation and activation of rural territories

“Creating landscape, activating territories”


Because we are concerned about the life still existing in our villages, the present and the life still to come.

Because instead of losing their services, we want the territories to exploit their potential.

Because we know there is an opportunity to make your living here, you can find your place for entrepreneurship

Because villages are the guardians of memory, heritage and landscape.

Because we understand that the change must start from direct action in the territories themselves.

Because their survival is a guarantee for the future.