Cultural Landscapes


Para alcanzar el éxito, es necesario esforzarse, fijarse en quienes ya lo han logrado y, sobre todo, no dejar nunca de aprender.

Therefore, we are offering you, not only our work, but a space from where you can learn from the experience of other territories. These are places that, step by step, little by little, have become real Cultural Landscapes. They are spaces of communion between man and nature, where people, heritage and landscape live together. Territories where past, present and future take shape. Look!

Cultural Landscapes in Spain

The website of the Ministry of Culture and Sport allows us to access the experience of different territories that have opted for the concept of Cultural Landscape without leaving our borders.


There are many territories in Europe that are committed to making the concept of cultural landscape a reality. The Highlands in Scotland is certainly one of the best known.

Centre for Landscape and Territory studies in Andalucia

A website with articles, books, pictures and a complete cartography of the Andalusian landscapes.

Cultural Landscape Research Group - UPM

It compiles the knowledge of different departments of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) to research and better understand the built environment.

Landscape Catalogues of Catalonia

The Landscape Catalogue of Catalonia has compiled the main landscapes in the region, and has catalogued them to ease their management. In addition, they have developed a wide range of documentation and provide you with many useful articles and tools .