Success Stories


We have been working in these territories for over forty years. Our expertise is our best cover letter.

Our History

We started with the rehabilitation of an old monastery in Aguilar de Campoo. We were able to turn it into a development driver and cultural catalyst for the whole area. Today the dream continues. Our Foundation employs more than 250 people, with several care centres for the elderly, employment programs, an employability laboratory, a travel agency, a craft workshop, a publishing house, a museum... and an ever-growing Friends and collaborators network.

North Romanesque

North Romanesque was the starting point of a much bigger plan. It is the core of the territorial intervention plans, our commitment to a model that takes care of heritage. A model that generates territory development, thanks to the involvement of people. Over fifty Romanesque temples in Burgos and Segovia were restored, a brand image was consolidated and the sense of belonging was driven in the territory.

Atlantic Romanesque

If North Romanesque is the core of the territorial intervention plans, Atlantic Romanesque introduces two new concepts: cross-border cooperation and public-private collaboration. Again heritage is the pillar for activating the territory at both sides of the border, and involving not only people, but also institutions, public authorities and companies.

I Creative Workshop for Cultural Landscape

Para dinamizar un territorio, a veces, basta con pequeñas acciones, con pasos sencillos, que calan y emocionan. Esa es la esencia de nuestro I Creative Workshop for Cultural Landscape que contribuirá a llenar de color y acción cultural un territorio, la Montaña Palentina. La base sobre la que seguir creando nuevas propuestas.


We contribute with our expertise in the development of many European projects. RURITAGE is an initiative that, like us, seeks to boost European territories, starting from their main capital: natural and cultural heritage and people involvement.